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MINI Football Bow

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♥♥♥♥♥  Kurly Pom Pom's are a Girly Kurlz EXCLUSIVE!!! ♥♥♥♥♥


These are a ONE OF A KIND MINI Football pom pom hair bows.  Have you ever seen anything cuter?  Pom pom hair bows made to resemble real footballs.  Measuring about 2 1/4" x 1 3/4" wide and 1" tall attached a partially lined alligator clip.

Unbelievably adorable as pigtails or wear one alone.  Choose from just the football itself or add your team colors!  If you'd like to add team colors then please indicate the team name and colors needed in the box below.  

These are so cute that heads won't stop turning!!

These are the MINI version of our original Football Kurly Pom Pom's, if you'd prefer the bigger footballs, those are listed here. Perfect for BIG SIS / LIL SIS!

***** ADD UP TO 2 TEAM COLORS *****

*All items here at have been heat sealed and lined with the finest ribbon.




On any kind of pony tail, high or low, you can clip the hair clip through the actual pony tail holder rather than just in the hair.

The pony tail holder holds the clip a bit better...especially since you have to squeeze the hair clip through.

This is why I only partially line my alligator clips. It makes it so much easier to slide through. When the clip is fully me anyway, it makes it so much harder to slide the hair clip through the pony tail or even just through the hair when it's tied back.

I also like to take a small rubber band around the back of the hair bow on the alligator clip or french barrette and wrap that around the pony tail holder as well. This really helps to keep the hair bow in place.

If you like to sweep your hair to the side without a pony tail, then i suggest taking a small section of hair where you'd like to wear the hair bow and using a rubber band make a tiny pony tail (I know, I know you didn't want a pony tail...this just helps to secure the bow and to keep it from slipping out trust me!).

This way you can slip the hair bow through the hair just above the rubber band. Then take another rubber band and secure the hair bow by wrapping it around the back of the bow and around the pony tail as well.

Hope this helps!!



Football in America became popular in the late 1800's on college campuses. Football players didn't have to wear helmets until 1939. Oh geez, now that's scary!!

To make one seasons worth of NFL takes about 600 cows 😳.

The lowest score in the NFL was 0-0 was back in 1943 between the Detroit Lions and New York Giants. The highest score was 222-0 in 1916 when Georgia Tech beat Cumberland. Whoa!!

Every single NFL football is made in Ohio in a Wilson factory.


These gorgeous football hair bows are made exclusively by Girly Kurlz!!