About Girly Kurlz

Started as a Hobby, Now I'm here...

Hello World!  My name is Juliann and I'm the creator of Girly Kurlz.  My journey started in 2012.  At that time I had 3 boys and 2 girls (I've had 1 more daughter since then, I know, I'm crazy).  I had all my boys first (10 years of JUST boys, love 'em like crazy).  I didn't know much about accessorizing a little girl because I was SOOO used to boy things, I just know I wanted my girls to be dolled up.  

Having little ones, the tv stays on the disney channel, lol.  My youngest daughter at the time loved Minnie Mouse.  You know the line, "there's no business like bow business".  For some reason that stuck with me and I had a desire to make my girls bows.  I didn't want any old bow in their hair, I wanted it to stand out and be different.  I guess that's also where I got my slogan "Not Your Ordinary Bow". 

Long story short, I got a hold of some ribbon and put my mind to work and started creating little bows and clips. My first few were very simple and it just took off from there. 

My girls received compliments EVERY WHERE we went. Those compliments are what inspired me to turn my hobby into a business.

I'm very picky and OCD about my bows being perfect. If it's not right, I'll start over until its how I want it. I've shopped around and experimented with different ribbon and know what I like. Don't get me wrong I'm constantly improving on all my bows to this day.  I'm always changing how I make them if I end up figuring out something better.  So know that you're definitely getting my best each time. 

Over the course of making bows I've become very confident in what I do and I'm very excited to share it with you!!