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Ice Cream Cone Hair Bow

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♫♫ I scream, You scream,
We all scream for ICE CREAM...and HAIR BOWS 😜!!! ♫♫

Kids love to get messy don't they?  Here's a perfect way to let them get ice cream in their hair...without the mess!!  Go mom!! 

A summer time favorite, everybody loves ice cream! This cute little neapolitan ice cream cone hair bow measures about 3" tall and about 2" wide attached to your choice of alligator clip or french barrette.

**choose with or without the cherry on top**


On any kind of pony tail, high or low, you can clip the hair clip through the actual pony tail holder rather than just in the hair.

The pony tail holder holds the clip a bit better...especially since you have to squeeze the hair clip through.

This is why I only partially line my alligator clips. It makes it so much easier to slide through. When the clip is fully me anyway, it makes it so much harder to slide the hair clip through the pony tail or even just through the hair when it's tied back.

I also like to take a small rubber band around the back of the hair bow on the alligator clip or french barrette and wrap that around the pony tail holder as well. This really helps to keep the hair bow in place.

If you like to sweep your hair to the side without a pony tail, then i suggest taking a small section of hair where you'd like to wear the hair bow and using a rubber band make a tiny pony tail (I know, I know you didn't want a pony tail...this just helps to secure the bow and to keep it from slipping out trust me!).  

This way you can slip the hair bow through the hair just above the rubber band. Then take another rubber band and secure the hair bow by wrapping it around the back of the bow and around the pony tail as well.

Hope this helps!!


Neapolitan ice cream is sometimes known as harlequin ice cream (I didn't know that!). This flavor of ice cream is made up of Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Neapolitan ice cream got it's name in the late 19th century by the Neapolitan immigrants from the city of Naples, Italy. Experts in frozen desserts, they brought their expertise with them to the United States.

The very first ice cream cone was produced by Italo Marching in 1896. In the late 1800's Marchiony, immigrated from Italy to New York City and invented his version of the ice cream cone.

In July 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated the month of July as National Ice Cream Month while the third Sunday of July is National Ice Cream Day.

WOO-HOO for Ice Cream Cones...AND HAIR BOWS!!


What a better way to show your love for ice cream than an Ice Cream Cone Hair Bow...for your HAIR!!!!




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